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Lapis lazuli is a precious blue stone that has ties to ancient Egyptian royalty. As it is blue in color, it relates to the throat chakra - a center of listening, hearing, speaking, and creativity. I have always been drawn to the color blue, ever since I can remember. It is a potent, rare color that is calming yet energizing. A true balance. Lapis Lazuli as my brand began in 2020, when I was beginning to DJ and was asked what I went by. Lapis Lazuli came to mind - I had just begun to get interested in crystals and stones. Shortly thereafter, I shortened it to “Lazuli”. It felt better, more concise. And over time, I realized I wanted to incorporate “Lapis” into one of my other focus areas of my life. “Lapis” is my wellness, bodywork, and yoga side; while “Lazuli” is my music, performance, and art side. The two come together as one whole. It feels right to finally bring them together in coherence. What I do and who I am cannot be compartmentalized, and I was trying to do just that for years. Now, all of my work can be found here in one place. I have been hesitant to put myself out there in this way, because I don’t feel ready. But what I’m finding out is I’m constantly in a state of change and evolution. I may always feel like there are loose ends to tie up. That is my process. It’s important to remember how far we have come. When we begin to develop skills and jump up levels, we often forget how much we truly know. We have only one perspective of our own, and since we are in flux constantly, it sometimes seems as if we don’t know what we are doing. At least that’s how it is for me.


I began my business nearly four years ago. I’ve worked out of a yoga studio, a chiropractic office, gone mobile, and now I am ready to have a dedicated space once again. With the new space, comes a new name. Emma Brown, LMT is now becoming Lapis House Healing Arts. This is a unique experience in which light/dark, sound/silence, and touch/space is curated to create a place where tension can be discovered, felt, and released. Sometimes we don’t even know what or where we are holding in our bodies until we give ourselves some time to slow down and receive touch. This can feel like fatigue, stress, brain fog, lack of focus/clarity… I utilize a combination of touch ranging from light to deep, and sound frequencies to allow you to drop into a deep state of awareness and meditation.


If you feel drawn to this in any way, please reach out and book a session or ask any questions you may have prior to booking.


In darkness and in light,


Written in May 2023.

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